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Shortly after her second child was born, Evelyn found herself at a different doctor’s office each week looking for answers. Evelyn knew in her heart that something was wrong with her son, even though she was told repeatedly that it was just allergies. After four months, two hospital admissions and a hospital transfer—they finally met with a trained clinical immunologist who lead them in the right direction.

During this experience, working with dozens of various physicians that helped consult on her son's case, Evelyn noticed the importance of immunology and its significance in almost every field of medicine. Along her journey she was introduced to the Clinical Immunology Society (CIS). CIS provides education, mentoring and networking opportunities for physicians, with the ultimate goal of achieving earlier diagnoses to save lives.

The diagnosing physician who helped save her son’s life is a part of the North American Immuno-Hematology Clinical Education and Research Consortium (NICER). NICER is a group of clinical physicians and researchers pooling their knowledge and creating a forum to help mentor, study, and treat pediatric and adult patients with immuno-hematologic disorders.

Having lived through the nightmare of not knowing what is wrong with your child, Evelyn knows firsthand that earlier diagnoses can not only save lives, but minimize trauma to the patient and heartache for the entire family. Race For Immunology (RFI) was founded to support research around rare immuno-heme disorders and support to patients and families impacted by life-threatening immunological conditions.

Evelyn knows how isolating and fear-provoking immune/hematologic disorders can be. She founded RFI as a platform to continue sharing her story and provide support to others in similar situations. Her hope is to build a community for patients and families to network, mentor and support one another. Because as they say, it takes a village.


To support the education and research around rare immunologic disorders to increase early diagnoses and save lives.


Fundraise to support:

  • education and research around rare and immuno-heme disorders. 

  • purchasing of genetic tests to patients with limited resources

  • providing ways to enhance patient care.


We offer a community member forum where patients can connect with other patients in similar situations. 

Caregivers you are the backbone. We have caregiver connect forum where everyone can relate. Sign up today.

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Patient Focused

This is part of Elias' Story. DKMS helped us put together drives to find a bone marrow match. We strongly support the bone marrow registry and encourage all who are able to register. For more information go to

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