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Rare Disease Educational Conference

The University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine are hosting a three day virtual symposium in honor of Rare Diseases. The Rare Disease Day Educational Conference is open to everyone, especially patients and caregivers. On Saturday, there will be a patient/caregiver panel and on Sunday during the "Rare Lesson in Immunology" Session, I will be sharing my son's journey to his diagnosis.

As a patient and family member to those affected, it is so important to participate and give the rare disease community a larger voice. Share with us your journey, ask questions, and find resources to assist you or your family member during their health journey. We hope to see you this weekend!

To view the symposium brochure click here: 2021RareDiseaseDayWebBrochure_0224_091036.pdf (

To register for the event for free click here:

To become a Race For Immunology member:

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